Profound Alchemy Meets Soulful Transformation

Discover the transformative power of SoulHarmonics™.

SoulHarmonics™ is a highly curated and proprietary combination of healing treatments that seamlessly blends cutting-edge modern healing technology with the timeless wisdom of ancient healing practices.

Experience the transformative synergy of cutting-edge and groundbreaking therapies, unlocking your body’s innate healing potential and elevating your spiritual well-being with our exclusive SoulHarmonics™ offerings. Our Comprehensive package combines AuraSync Voice Coding Diagnostics with the tailored SoulTec frequency journey, meticulously customized to cater to your unique needs. The SoulTec™ Journey targets specific areas, restoring the body to a state of equilibrium known as homeostasis. This harmonious fusion of SoulTec™ and AuraSync™ culminates in profoundly restorative outcomes.

Discover the alchemy of inner balance and wellness with SoulHarmonics™, a unique blend of modern healing technology and ancient wisdom, curated over 30 years by Ami. Immerse yourself in a journey that harmonizes your body, mind, and soul, bringing profound renewal to your overall well-being. Ami is grateful to share this transformative gift with the world, aiming to dramatically change lives through the power of SoulHarmonics™.

SoulHarmonics™ is the result of our dedication, intuition, and expertise, designed to harmonize your body, mind, and soul.

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Assessing your voice to gain insights into your energetic, spiritual, and physical well-being.


Bio-frequencies that directly address issues highlighted during the voice analysis.


COMING SOON! Magic unveiling
Summer of 2024.


“Ami’s mastery of energy
healing is truly remarkable”

ANTHONY WILLIAM, Medical Medium, New York Times best-selling author


“Ami is a true master when it comes to crafting magnificent energy healings.”

Dr Ann Louise Gittleman PHD, New York Times best-selling author


“Working with Ami has been transformative, and I couldn’t be more grateful for her guidance on my wellness journey.”

Mimi Kirk, International Speaker on Raw Foods and Age-less Living

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