1. AuraSync™️ — Voice Coding & Analysis

Harnessing the synergy of four potent healing modalities and state-of-the-art technology, we decode the nuances of your voice resonance to uncover disharmonies within your body—whether in organs, cells, pathways, or other disruptive elements. This evaluation serves as a cornerstone to guide you towards achieving equilibrium and inner balance.

During the AuraSync™️ voice analysis, we can discover specific toxins, molds, metals, nutritional deficiencies, organs, emotional/environmental imbalances, and other important information where the body needs the most attention.

AuraSync™️ uses your voice print to detect areas of weakness in your inner “Bio terrain” and energetic body.

Subsequently, Ami skillfully provides immediate recommendations. These recommendations encompass advice on herbal supplements, body-mind therapies, or nutritional support. The ultimate objective is to transform these recommendations into a tangible action plan, enabling individuals to enhance positive changes and enhance their overall well-being through personalized voice print analysis.

2. SoulTec™️ Journey

Individually tailored for your unique needs, the SoulTec™️ Journey incorporates transformative bio-frequencies that directly address issues highlighted during the voice analysis. This journey may enhance your spiritual, emotional, and physical dimensions. Leveraging cutting-edge bio-resonance, sound healing, biofeedback, and the innovative Tesla-engineered COIL, this journey guides you back to a place of harmony, where authentic healing takes root.

SoulTec™️ journeys are fully customizable, targeting a wide spectrum of frequencies to address various aspects of well-being. These journeys can effectively address issues such as hormone imbalances, brain imbalances, sleep disturbances, nervous system restoration, grounding, lymphatic system support, chakra alignment, nutritional deficiencies, and a myriad of other health concerns.

My holistic approach extends to conditions like Lyme disease, anxiety, and post-COVID treatments. These tailored journeys offer comprehensive support for individuals facing specific health challenges, promoting overall well-being, and facilitating recovery.

Many clients find the distance healings to be as profound and in many cases, more impactful than in-person ones.

“Catalyze Your Journey to Wellness Today!”

SoulRevive™️ — Where Profound Alchemy
Meets Soulful Transformation


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