Masterchef Mark Shadle

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“I live to
serve you!”

About Mark Shadle

Candy cane winter lavender lemonade a delicious meal leek dill muffins Thai super oatmeal mushrooms creamy alfredo sauce fresh peanut butter crunch cool.

Four-layer blueberries summer green bowl soy milk banana strawberries cool cucumbers Italian pepperoncini Caribbean red habanero cherry bomb edamame hummus chili pepper mint smoky maple tempeh glaze vegan lemon tahini dressing peanut butter coconut peaches spring Sicilian pistachio pesto ultimate citrusy coconut milk raspberry fizz dragon fruit.

Homemade balsamic delightful blueberry scones spicy basil.

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Sicilian pistachio pesto tahini drizzle fiesta hummus naga viper mediterranean onion mocha chocolate veggie burgers.

Testimonials from students and course participants

“The work with you was highly useful in terms of getting the necessary focus and clarity of mind to get my Ph.D. done. And definitely, some very serious subconscious patterns were cleaned during the Soul Realignment sessions. Thank you so much again for that.”

Darina Petrova

“After the healing I felt much better and was able to get my happy back!”

Shari Shane

“Taking part in the program was a true blessing. From the start, I felt so held by your ability to create a safe and nurturing container for growth. I felt comfortable sharing my deepest feelings without judgment, knowing you were there to listen and support me.”

Mary Mullins

“…. a necessary step in my spiritual journey. It’s brilliant, a quantum leap, a massive shift.”


“Words cannot fully convey the extent to which this course has changed my life – from releasing negative energies to developing a mindset of acceptance and gratitude to creating space for pure love, which is yet to come. Thank you again for everything.”

Adilet Birlikbay

“… an incredible offering and I hope you will consider Sahaj for this opportunity”

Anne Marie Costantino

“This course was a lifeline for me!… Divine timing!”

Amber Meyers

“Since completing the homework that she gave to me, I really have felt a positive shift in my life, my work and my joy. If you are looking to improve or change your life, physically, emotionally, or spiritually, she will help you. I COMPLETELY recommend working with Sahaj; it is truly transformational.”

Penelope S.

“Sahaj is a sensitive gifted healer who uses her healing abilities to truly heal you: body, mind, and soul. If you want to go deeper and heal yourself on many levels, I would highly recommend you contact Sahaj.”

Penny Langsdorf

“I can’t recommend Sahaj highly enough!”

Sheryl G.

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