What you need to know about your healing session.

What is Distance Healing, and How Effective Is It?

Distance Healing is a transformative energy therapy that enhances physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It aligns us with positive vibrations and rebalances energy, fostering pain relief and general wellness in the recipient.

Like tuning into a radio channel, it aligns us with positive vibrations, while deflecting negative energies. This holistic approach, including modalities like bio feedback and energy frequency healing, rebalances our energy, fostering well-being, pain relief and general wellness in the person receiving the distance healing.

In fact many clients find the distance healings to be as profound and in many cases, more profound than in-person sessions.

What's the Essence of Distance Healing & What Will It Feel Like?
Distance Healing harnesses the power of mind and energy, addressing issues in body, emotions, and thoughts. It transcends space and time, bridging physical gaps in distance to bring about healing. During the healing session you may experience tingling sensations, a floating feelings feeling of sinking into deep relaxation.

Some people experience visualizations or pictures or memories, while others simply feel a sense of warmth and grounding. Results may vary but whether or not you experience any profound feelings or sensations it does not effect the powerful healing that is occurring. Trust in the process of this safe and potent healing session.

Distance healing parallels in-person sessions, harnessing the power of mind and energy. Vibrations within us – body, emotions, thoughts – impact our well-being. Through conversations, healing, and guidance, remote sessions address issues. Energetic compositions differ, so varied modalities are used for optimal results.

What Impact Can I Expect from Distance Healing?
Results vary, but change is often swift and powerful. Even one session yields noticeable shifts, while multiple sessions solidify healing, aiming for lasting transformation. Stories abound – overcoming depression, conceiving naturally, empowering our health challenges, addressing sleep, hormones, or cognitive issues or mending relationships.

Whether a single tune-up or multiple journeys, customized sessions adapt to individual needs, creating a path to holistic growth.

How Should I Prepare for my Distance Healing Session?
To prepare for your SoulTech Journey, follow these steps:

Create Your Tranquil Space:
Set up a serene area where you can unwind during the session. Arrange a comfortable space with a pillow for your head, and consider using a bolster under your knees if needed. If sitting, choose a cozy armchair or recliner. Have a blanket on hand to stay warm, as your body might experience temperature changes. An optional eye pillow can help relax your eyes, enhancing your focus on bodily sensations. Sacred items like incense, candles, crystals, or objects that bring tranquility can enhance the ambiance.

Minimize Distractions:
To fully immerse in your Zen zone, silence or turn off devices. Inform your family or roommates that you’ll be unavailable during the session. Attend to any pet needs before starting to ensure a peaceful environment. Ensure access to a device like an iPad or iPhone, dedicated to streaming a customized healing track, free from interruptions.

Find Comfort:
Relaxation is key. Lie down comfortably, and if you have pets, they might enjoy joining you and amplifying the healing energy. Cats often favor distance energy sessions, while dogs’ preferences may vary.

Embrace Healing Energy:
Recognize that distance healing energy is as potent as in-person sessions. Although I won’t be physically present, the energy you receive remains consistent. Embrace this concept with an affirmation like, “I’m open to receiving healing on the physical, emotional, and mental levels” or “I’m open to the healing my mind and body are ready for.”

What Should I Do After my Journey to Optimize the Healing Effect?
After your session:

  • Capture Your Experience: Document your feelings, insights, and thoughts.
  • Continued Reflection: Monitor emotions, sleep quality, and well-being changes over hours and days.
  • Integration Conversation: We’ll connect to discuss and integrate your experience, ensuring you get the most from your journey.
What's the Aftercare Checklist for My Healing Journey?

Here’s an aftercare checklist:

  • Hydration: Drink at least 1/2 gallon of purified water for 3 days to help your body process toxins.
  • Supplements: Consider chlorella or Blue-green algae supplements and a high-quality probiotic for inner gut biome support.
  • Detox Support: Include hot baths, saunas, and dry skin brushing to keep your lymphatic system moving and reduce detox reactions.
  • Continued Mental and Emotional Processing: Be aware that the healing process may continue mentally and emotionally for up to 3 days. Make time for reflection and self-care.

By following these aftercare steps, you’ll enhance the benefits of your healing journey and support your overall well-being.

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