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Ami utilizes powerful healing modalities combined with her own intuition, extensive background in herbalism, plant-based nutrition and modern energy medicine.

Ami’s journey in the realm of nutrition and holistic medicine spans more than two decades. An accomplished author, licensed CHT, certified Holistic Nutritionist, and Raw Foods educator, Ami has earned recognition both nationally and internationally. Her passion lies in motivating and inspiring individuals towards a healthier life, sharing her extensive knowledge of natural healing.

With unwavering dedication, Ami champions nutritionally wholesome food and a sustainable, health-centered lifestyle, grounded in the belief that we are what we eat, drink, and breathe. She firmly advocates for taking responsibility for one’s own health and embraces a holistic approach, emphasizing the power of “food as medicine” and the significance of detoxification for body, mind, and spirit.

Ami’s expertise has garnered personal endorsement from the renowned New York Times best-selling author, Anthony William (Medical Medium), who proudly penned the foreword for her latest cookbook, “Peace Begins on Your Plate.”


  • I-Act certified Colon Hydrotherapist for over 20 years
  • Graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN)
  • L.L.C.I Certified Raw Foods Chef and Educator
  • Detoxification Specialist from the Optimal Health Institute
  • Holistic Health Coach
  • Master Energy Healer
  • Author & Motivational Speaker

Her insights and wisdom have graced the screens of NBC, FOX, CBS, and the pages of esteemed print publications such as Shape magazine, Oxygen magazine, VegNews, and many more.

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“Ami Beach is a true alchemist and industry leader within holistic health arena
for the last 30 years….”

Dr Ann Louise Gittleman PHD, New York Times Best Selling Author

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